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Vision upon Graduation

For employment: Working at preschools, infant and toddler care center, parent-children play center, afterschool program, institute of children welfare, children literature company, story industry, children program at television or radio, art education institute, children theater, early intervention institute and children toy company or publishing company.
For advanced study: Any relevant graduate schools such as infant and young children education, early childhood education, children welfare, social worker, human and family development, and early intervention.
Finally, our vision is to become one of the best professional development institution of early childhood care and education in Taiwan, to development professionals’ humanity, community caring, social responsibility, to develop professional learning attitude and work ethics, to assist students to develop their potentials and obtain professional certificate in the related occupations and furthermore to extend to oversees internship, and collaboration between academia and industries.
The department currently offers a four-year undergraduate program in the day division, a four-year undergraduate program, and a two-year undergraduate program in the evening division.